Jersey City is an awesome place to live. Not only is it less than a 15 minute train ride away from Manhattan, it is a great place to go shopping, enjoy many dining options, or learn about the cultural landmarks. Living in Jersey City is fun and exciting — keeping its residents interested throughout the year!

Why Jersey City is Great:

1. The Commute:

Commute from Jersey City into downtown Manhattan in less than 10 minutes via PATH Train. Or, get to midtown via PATH train in 20 minutes. There are also Ferry Boats that provide direct routes from Jersey City into Manhattan, along with buses. Regardless of how you get there, commuting from Jersey City into Manhattan is quick and easy!

2. So Many Great Restaurants in Jersey City:

Jersey City is home to some amazing restaurants. The restaurant scene in Jersey City is on fire and continues to prove that there’s great cuisine on this side of the Hudson. From Mexican to European, to Indian to Italian, to American comfort to vegan cuisine, and beyond, there’s certainly many options to satisfy your cravings and have a great meal.

3. There are nearly 60 Parks in Jersey City!

With nearly 60 parks, Jersey City offers great space to enjoy the outdoors and weather. Some of our favorites include:

4. So Many Festivals in Jersey City

Jersey City loves to celebrate the city, the cultural, the people and the area businesses. There seems to be a different festival every weekend. Join in on the fun:

5. Jersey City is Family Friendly – Great Daycare!

Jersey City is a great place to raise a family and because of that there are a lot of young couples and young families. Having so many young families, Jersey City has some of the best daycares, including:

6. Some of the Best Coffee Shops are in Jersey City

Jersey City is not holding back when it comes to authentic Coffee Shops. And when we say coffee shop, we mean shop with coffee in addition to gourmet baked goods, artisan donuts, new and exciting cuisine and more! Be sure to check out:

7. And Ice Cream! Jersey City has the Best Ice Cream.

From small batch gelato to handmade organic ice cream to frozen yogurt, Jersey City is definitely on their ice cream game. Try all these places (you won’t be sorry):

8. Art Galleries

Jersey City has some of the best art galleries and artists in the tri-state area. To mention a few:

9. Shopping

There are great little shops throughout Jersey City – from clothing boutiques to vintage stores, there is something for everyone. Be sure to check out:

10. Lots of Things to Do & See

And if eating and shopping isn’t your thing, there’s plenty more to do in Jersey City. Such as:

Jersey City is a great place to visit and even better place to live. Check out the real estate!