Hoboken was the birth place of baseball, making it rich in history and full of tradition.
The first officially recorded game of baseball took place in Hoboken in 1846.
Use this gameplan for a win!

Buyer Gameplan:

  1. Determine your budget – Figure out what you can spend for a down payment and take into account other monthly expenses. (mortgage payment, maintenance fees, taxes, utilities, possible parking)
  2. Obtain mortgage pre-approval. It is important to work with a local lender, as they can work on a quick timeline and have local appraisers. (see Darren for recommendations)
  3. Select a local attorney as he/she will know the inner workings of the area of purchase.
  4. Prioritize your needs: Budget? Space? Location? Building Amenities? Parking? Views? Put these in order and if you get 75% of them consider it a worthy option.
  5. Identify timeline for moving. When you need to move out of your current place and when you need to move in to your next home.
  6. Start to explore different neighborhoods that fit your needs. Research schools. Evaluate transportation needs / access to transportation. Determine building amenity: must haves vs. nice to haves (washer/dryer, gym in building, pet policy, storage facilities, parking)
  7. Do not make major financial changes such as adding new credit cards or cash deposits without proper records. Do not plan on changing jobs from the beginning of the process until you close. Review your credit scores and clean up any potential damaging credit items.
  8. Once prospective home is selected, examine building financials with Darren and attorney.